I am not too much of a plant or flower person but I sure like to see them blooming.  Now is probably the best time to see the largest variety of flowers in bloom so get out and take a walk in the woods or a drive on a side road and check them out.  Some of the Strawberries are already done blooming but there are still more to be seen.  The Marsh Marigolds are still out and Lupines seem to be popping up everywhere.  You can see -White baneberry, True Solomon’s seal, Starflower, Canada mayflower, Sarsaparilla, Yellow violet, Labrador tea, Wood betony, Twinflower, Clintonia(bluebead lily), Yellow and orange hawkweed, Gaywing, Pink lady’s slipper, Oxyey daisy, Yarrow, Red-berried elder, Cotton grass, Flase Solomon’s seal, Three-leaved false Solomon’s seal, Barren strawberry, Common cinquefoil, Blackberry, Bunchberry, Columbine, Calla lily, Common buttercup, Yellow bullhead lily, Bog laurel, Forget-me-not, Purple clematis, Wild oats, Bladder campion and more.  Our patch of Lady Slippers has dwindled over the last few years but we’re still lucky to have a few.  Take time to get outside and smell the flowers.