Flowers and Fish

     Yesterday was a happy one for Josh.  It was the first day he was able to fish from the dock at Voyageur since the Seagull River opened over Memorial Weekend. The first question he asked when he got off of the bus was, "Did Dad rig up my fishing pole?" As soon as we got back to the house he grabbed his pole and ran down to the dock.  Within minutes he had a smallmouth bass on the line and a big smile on his face.  Next he caught a small bluegill, some crayfish while watching a snapping turtle swim between the docks.

     It’s nice to see fish being caught from the docks again.  It’s also nice to see all of the flowers blooming in the woods.  They are early just as everything else has been early this year because of the warm spring.  The mocassin flowers are all over with their pink blooms, the purple vetch and star flowers are abundant and even the wild columbine are blooming. It’s awesome to be able to see and smell such wonderful things in the woods.

     It’s the simple things that make me smile most.