Fire Ban or Burning Ban?

Q: As the snow melts in the spring, and during lengthy periods without rainfall, the DNR issues fire restrictions. Is there a difference between a restriction and burning ban?
A: Burning restrictions involve the issuing of burning permits. Burning permits are required for running fires, such as a grassy ditch or field, or piled vegetative debris. When restrictions are in place, permits are only issued for management or prescribed burns, or special burns such as construction companies burning trees and brush cleared from roads. Burning bans, which are issued by the DNR commissioner, prohibit other types of fires. For example, bans may disallow campfires completely or restrict them certain hours of the day. They may also restrict any fire outdoors, including smoking and barbeque grills. Bans are only imposed when extreme fire conditions have existed for a long period of time.
– Jean Bergerson, Minnesota Interagency Fire Center information officer