Finally Feeling a Little More Like Spring

Our docks are floating on the Seagull River! That means there is no longer ice beneath them and that is a good thing.  There is still ice elsewhere on the river and the area lakes but moose pond is almost free of ice too.  What does that mean? It should mean ice will be off of Saganaga in less than 2 weeks and other smaller lakes sooner. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for warm temperatures and a hot sun.

Other signs of spring are apparent as well. I’ve seen pussy willows popping and heard the song of our loons. I’ve watched a couple of bald eagles preparing their nest and saw a couple of ducks on the water too. A grouse puffed up in our driveway the other evening and I’ve heard plenty of them drumming nearby.

The store and outfitting building are both filled with boxes. Boxes of outfitting food and clothing to be unpacked and put out onto the shelves. The boxes and mud everywhere also reminds us spring is hopefully here to stay on the Gunflint Trail.

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