Far North on the Border Trail

     Another song by our lovely Voyageur Crew members.


It’s the far northland that’s a callin’ me away,
as take I with my packsack to the road.
It’s the call on me of the forest in the north,
as step I with the sunlight for my load.

Cho: From Lake Agnes, by Louisa, to Kawnipi I will go,
Where you see the loon and hear his plaintive wail,
If you’re think’n in your inner heart there’s a swagger in my step,
Then you’ll know I’ve been along the border trail.

It’s the flash of paddle blades a gleamin’ in the sun,
a canoe softly skimming by the shore,
It’s the smell of pine and bracken comin’ on the breeze
that calls me to the waterways once more.