Fall is in the Air

     The temperature reached 73 degrees at the end of the Gunflint Trail yesterday but when the sun hid behind the clouds you could feel the chill of fall in the air.  Looking at the Seagull River and the trees surrounding it you can see fall colors as well.  The birch and popple along with bushes and other trees are showing off their yellow, orange and red colors. It’s a picturesque time of the year that doesn’t last very long.

     Already leaves are falling from the trees due to the dry, warm weather we’ve experienced this summer. I’m still swimming in the river and it’s the first time I can remember leaves floating on the water’s surface alongside of me. I’m not usually swimming when the leaves are falling from the trees because the water is too cold by late September or early October when the leaves usually fall.

     I don’t mind sharing the refreshing water with the leaves. I’ll take advantage of the warm water and continue to enjoy the changing colors around me as I swim the soon to be too cold Seagull River.

Fall on the Seagull River