Fall Fishing in the Boundary Waters

     This past weekend was absolutely beautiful. The sky was blue, the sun was hot and the fall colors were magnificent. As an added bonus the fish were biting like crazy in the BWCA. 

     A group of guys caught 18 walleyes one afternoon and released many of them back into the BWCA. I spent some time fishing with Josh on Saganaga and we pulled in three very nice, big northern pike.  We never officially brought them into the boat to measure but while I removed hooks Josh used a string and attempted to measure them from nose to tail. They were all around 30" with one a few inches more so we figure they were around 10 pounds each! Talk about a fun afternoon in the BWCA!

     We are wishing the nice weather and good fishing will stick around for this weekend but according to the forecast it doesn’t sound like that will happen.  Temperatures are supposed to cool off and there were even rumors of snow flurries!  Let’s hope they are just rumors!

northern pike

saganaga bwca campsite