Fall Colors in August

A drive on the Gunflint Trail looks more like a September day than an August day. The leaves are already changing thanks to a long dry spell.  Yellow leaves, rust colored ferns, deep crimson blueberry bushes and a few reds mix in with the predominantly green landscape.

Fall is coming and today was the first game of the season for the Cook County Vikings in Grand Marais. Mike is an assistant coach and as a freshman in a small school Josh is on Varsity. It was warm and sunny today and the first time in my history I have ever been sunburned watching football. We are more accustomed to snow flurries during football games up here.

The water in the lakes are beginning to cool off. I’m not ready to quit swimming this soon so I may have to get my wetsuit out sooner rather than later.

The forecast calls for warm temperatures this coming week and that is fine with me. I’ll hang onto summer as long as I can.

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