Extraordinary Elsa

We are so lucky to have Elsa at Voyageur for another summer. She runs the kitchen and makes sure everyone keeps running by providing fuel in the form of food. I think this is her 8th season as our Chief Cook, Bottle Washer, Baker, Server, Sewing Repair Person, Housekeeper and anything else we ask her to do.

She’s in charge of everything food related at Voyageur. She prepares three meals a day for our crew as well as the pancake breakfasts for our guests. She makes our legendary Hudson Bay Bars, Voyageur Cookies and Gorp.

Most importantly she’s my blueberry picking buddy. We spend countless hours scouring the earth for little blue berries. We are like the postal service rain or shine we pick on. Bugs? What bugs? That’s part of the fun and so is the excessive heat we’ve encountered while picking too.

There is only one Elsa and we hope to hold onto her forever!

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