Explore Minnesota

We hosted photographers from Explore Minnesota Tourism a number of times at Voyageur Canoe Outfitters.  We’ve paddled canoes, hiked trails, set up campsites and buzzed around in fishing boats to help assist them with getting quality photos for their publications.

We haven’t been asked to do this in a number of years. Maybe Mike and I are getting “too old” to model for them? I guess I should tell them we can always offer our Voyageur Crew members to be models for them.

Over the course of the years our photos have shown up in all sorts of publications and all over the place.  There was(still might be) a pop machine at the airport in Minneapolis with a photo of us on it.  A friend sent us a photo she found of us in the Science Museum in the Twin Cities and most recently another friend sent a picture of Josh from this year’s publication.

It’s fun to see these photos surface so if you ever find one then be sure to share it with me, I’d appreciate it.

Explore Minnesota Photos

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