Exodus on the Gunflint Trail

     The Cook County News Herald has a section called, "Down Memory Lane."  There are articles printed from the local newspaper from10 years ago, 20 years ago, 50 years ago and 90 years ago.  This is my favorite part of the paper because I always learn something new.

     In the October 10th issue I learned a couple of things.  90 years ago a boy was injured during a potato fight.  20 years ago Bruce Kerfoot was ending his term as a school board member. And 50 years ago there was an exodus on the Gunflint Trail.

     October 9, 1958

     There has been a general exodus and momentary influx on the Trail this week.  The influx was from the partridge hunters who drove one after the other like a long funeral procession.  Woe to the little partridge that flicked so much as an eyebrown anywhere within sight of a road.

     The exodus has been as complete as the leaves falling from the trees with just one tenacious leaf hanging stubbornly to a tree here and there through the winter.