Exhausted from a Night’s Sleep

     Have you ever slept so fitfully and dreamed so much you woke up confused, scared and with a pounding head?  It isn’t a good feeling that’s for sure.  That’s how I finally felt when I was able to get out of bed this morning after 9AM! 

     Mike said I was talking in my sleep, trying to scream and grinding my teeth so hard he thought they would all be gone in the morning.  I don’t doubt any of that since I still feel like a train ran me over sometime during the night.  My teeth feel loose and my brain is foggy with thoughts that something terrible has happened.

     I didn’t eat ice cream before bed and I hadn’t consumed any alcoholic beverages so I’m not sure why my sleep was so strange.  I do know that I was on vacation and couldn’t fit all of my belongings back into my suitcase.  Along with the normal panic of rushing to get packed was the additional concern I would have to pay for extra bags or leave some stuff behind.  Trying to determine what  things I wouldn’t need was an overwhelming task.

     Sometime during the night I missed an airplane flight because of a murderous taxi cab driver.  He and some other villains were planning something terrible for me but I narrowly escaped being shot and worse.  One passenger was eaten while trying to hang onto the back of the vehicle and another one was shot.  I was shaken by the episode and Mike and I ended up outside of Las Vegas somewhere with none of our family knowing we were alive.  

     We ended up in a house with a revolving rooftop that provided a beautiful view of a sunset over a field of grain.  Watching Wheel of Fortune, eating pizza and playing with puppies was soon displaced by being back on the Gunflint Trail.  Campers lined South Gunflint Lake Road while I searched for a realtor to show me a house.  I was shown an empty house that soon filled with girls with blonde hair and pony tails who cut my yoga mat in half to do yoga in the garage while I washed a fire truck in the driveway. 

     A tropical resort provided hours of volleyball entertainment for me before I was on the coast of Califonia at a culinary school.  Tempted by lockers filled with desserts, bowls filled with frosting and pastries that lined every counter top I tried to contain my fingers from tasting everything.  Luckily Mary, my Mush for a Cure co-coordinator was there to save me from myself. 

     I didn’t want to go to the beach but biked there in search of my sister anyway.  I didn’t find her there but I did find my kids and a friend’s daughter along with my dog.  We rode a carousel before going inside the mall but being unable to walk up a hallway because of the steepness.  A group of women attempted to push me over a jewelery case while two people on the topside of the case tried to pull me over.  I had a bicycle for transporting the three kids and a dog but that quickly changed into a motorcycle/car that I couldn’t keep on the busy roads of California.

     The dash of the vehicle was falling down and preventing me from being able to steer properly.  The speed could not be controlled by foot pedals and I found myself constantly out of control of the vehicle and not knowing where to go.  No GPS, no signs and no clue what direction I was to head.  Luckily I found a woman who brought me to a hotel in the middle of the ocean.

     I was afraid my room would be underwater but she assured me it was ok if it was.  All of the rooms were just as nice.  36 red roses and a written marriage proposal from someone I had just met surprised me but what shocked me even more is Mike thought I should marry him since he was friends with my brother-in-law.  Except Justin suddenly wasn’t in favor of me marrying the guy because it was his roomate who was into drugs and had killed a few people.  Justin morphed into my son Josh who thought I should just stay married to Mike.

     In search of a nice pair of black snowboots Rugby ran through Sears while announcements were made over the PA System letting shoppers know they would be closing soon.  He found the boots but they were just as expensive in California as they were in Minnesota and I didn’t have $55.00 to buy them.  The kids were waiting for me at a nose blowing contest at the other end of the mall and so I didn’t leave with any new boots. 

     And so the night continued with haunted houses, buffets, beaches and more until I was so completely confused I made it out of bed.  Still feeling like I’m in another world hours later.  Is this live or is it Memorex?  I hope my head clears soon because I can’t seem to keep my eyes open.  I’m just too exhausted from a long night of sleep.