Enough Already Rain Dancers

     Now that it started to rain it just won’t quit!  It’s like a rain forest outside and water is running everywhere.  The low water we were worried about this spring is no longer a concern. 1.27" in the past 24 hours and .54" since midnight.  According to the forecast we’re supposed to get even more rain this weekend!

     Today is one of those days when I wouldn’t be anxious to get out on the water to start a canoe trip.  Most types of weather I’m game for a paddle but not when it’s raining like this outside.  It’s ok to be out camping when it’s raining but I’m not a big fan of setting up a tent in the rain. I hope everyone out in the BWCA has some good rain gear along to keep them dry.

     The temperature isn’t too cold thankfully.  Being wet and cold isn’t much fun at all.  Yesterday the temperature was in the 70’s and today it’s near the 60’s in spite of the heavy rain.  It will warm up again, the sun will come out and then I’ll be ready to camp in the BWCA once again.