End of the Beargrease

     Today is the day the  Beargrease Marathon ends.  I understand why it is called a marathon now.  Just trying to keep track of where the teams are is exhausting thank goodness I don’t have any other responsibilities.  Josh, Abby and I were at the start of the race and then at Trail Center for the half-way point on Monday night.  Yesterday morning Mike and I checked out the situation at Devil’s Track Landing and then this morning I finally said "Uncle."

     At four o’clock in the morning Mike and Abby got up and headed out the door to go to Two Harbors, MN.  The plan was for Mark Black of Black Magic Kennels to just do quick stops at Sawbill and Finland and then make his way to the long rest point in Two Harbors.  Mike and Abby got to the rest stop before Mark so they could set up the canvas tent and start a fire so Mark could stretch out and be comfortable before his last leg of the race.  All went as planned and Mark is currently resting during his mandatory layover. 

     I could have been the lucky one to go to Two Harbors this morning but decided to let Abby take my place. She loves hanging out with the dogs and informed me she would like her winter sport to be mushing.  It’s too far for her to travel to Silver Bay to skate and she doesn’t think she wants to ski or play basketball and I told her she had to have a winter sport.  What was I thinking?  She even enjoys shoveling poop for Mark and Mary.  I’m sure that novelty would wear off quickly.

     In any case the Beargrease ends today and unfortunately Mark won’t be the winner.  Will he still retire from the Beargrease Marathon?  Only time will tell. But congratulations go out to the Black Magic Kennels’ team for finishing the marathon because that alone is a very sweet victory.