Ely Fire Down But Not Out

     Yesterday afternoon a vehicle drove over a downed power line outside of Ely, Minnesota.  The power line sparked and started the trees along the roadside on fire.  The fire quickly grew in size due to the dry conditions of the forest.  The fire was being pushed along by a strong wind from the south with gusts up to 30 miles per hour. 

     Fast acting fire personnell were on the scene quickly and they along with a change of direction in the wind were able to keep the fire from engulfing the town.  The fire consumed between 100-150 acres in just a couple of hours and although it started a mile from the town it was within a few hundred yards when it was stopped.

     Some residents of Ely were evacuated while others watched the plume of smoke with concern.  Some residents along County Road 1 where the fire started are still evacuated and will be until the fire is under control.

     Today’s warm temperature and predicted high winds will most likely cause the fire to heat up again this afternoon.  Folks in and around Ely will be on high alert until they receive a good dousing of rain.  Saturday’s forecast calls for rain and there is a chance of rain today too.  We’ll keep our fingers crossed and do a rain dance and hope everyone is safe with their fires around the Gunflint Trail.


Photo by Jason Zaborsky on Facebook.

Fire in Ely MN photo by Jason Zaborsky