Early Sunrise, Late Sunset

     It’s becoming increasingly difficult to get the kids to go to bed at night.  They should be in bed sleeping by 9:00pm but when it doesn’t get dark until 8:30pm they feel like staying up.  When we get up in the morning it feels like we’ve overslept because the sun is already in the sky.  This morning it was beautiful outside as the sunlight filtered through the fog and trees.

     It’s that time of the year when the sun rises early and sets late.  This part of the season is particularly challenging because we have the kids’ schedules to keep up with at school, guests arriving for their trips and very little staff to help out.  Our phone is also usually very busy this time of the year because folks can make reservations for the entire summer.  It slows down in July when there’s just August and September left to book trips for.

     If you’ve been frustrated trying to reach us on the telephone then we apologize.  Last weekend Abby had 2 softball games in Two Harbors on Friday, two in Esko on Saturday and we had the Ham Run Half-Marathon to put on Sunday.  We spent a large portion of Monday and Tuesday cleaning up from the Ham Run and had fire training and our pack test during the evenings.  In between running outside or being on another line the phone goes to the answering machine quite a bit.  It’s best to call us back or email us since alot of times we can’t understand the messages on the machine or I write the number down wrong.

     Oh yes, the days are getting longer and that means more time for paddling the Boundary Wates too.