Downhill Skiing

     There’s always talk about global warming and the many dangers of it.  What worries me is our climate will change in Northeastern Minnesota and I won’t be able to enjoy all of my favorite winter sports.  Cross-Country ski season could be shortened, there may not be a need for snowshoes and downhill ski resorts may become non-existent.  I’m happy to see Lutsen Resort and Buck Hill both located in Minnesota are doing their part to keep winter around.  According to Ideal Byte that’s what some resorts are trying to prevent.

The Bite
No need to resort to something illegal, just head to an eco-conscious ski resort. Check our list of the best in powder-perfect, way-above-sea-level destinations.

The Benefits

  • Spending your mogul money wisely. Experts say chronic global warming could cause ski seasons to vaporize before our eyes. Lift tickets can cost a buzz-killing $85 per day, so vote with your green at greener resorts. Combined efforts by the National Ski Area Association and participating ski resorts have had the eco-effect of planting nearly 17 million trees.
  • Eco-perks at sustainable resorts. Some resorts are taking eco to the next altitude, providing alternative fuel shuttles, introducing recycling programs, and educating resort-goers about climate change.
  • Fun in the snow = a totally legal high.

Wanna Try?

  • East – Stowe (VT) built an eco-education center to increase the environmental awareness among visitors.
  • Midwest – Buck Hill (MN) uses wind-based energy, and Lutsen (MN) is working on impressive fish and wildlife habitat protection initiatives.
  • West – Ski Area Citizens’ Coalition lists the top 10 most environmentally sensitive resorts in the Western United States.