Do You Want it to Look a Little Like Christmas?

There may not be snow on the ground where you’re at but the Christmas displays in stores have been out since Halloween.  Whether we like it or not Thanksgiving is this Thursday and that means Christmas is just around the corner.  Do you have an artificial tree or do you get a real tree?  Wouldn’t it be fun to bring your family up to Voyageur before Christmas and head out to pick out your Christmas tree from the Superior National Forest?

You would have the opportunity to relax and unwind before the busy holiday season and to take a break from cell phones.  We’d love to have you as our guest and you can experience what Christmas is supposed to be like.  Fun times with family away from the hustle and bustle. Doesn’t it sound wonderful?

Gathering Holiday Greens on the Superior National Forest
Gathering your own Christmas tree or balsam boughs on the national forest is a great way to get outdoors with your family and celebrate the holidays.  For many people this is an annual tradition.   Here are a few things to keep in mind if you want to make this part of your holiday tradition:

Where can I get a Christmas tree permit?  Stop by any of our Forest Service offices to obtain a permit for a Christmas tree. A permit to cut one Christmas tree on the Superior National Forest costs $5.00.  Two permits are allowed per household per year.

What about balsam bough permits?  To obtain a permit for bough gathering, contact the Forest Service office closest to the area where you plan to collect.  A “personal use” permit for gathering balsam boughs on the Superior National Forest allows for enough boughs to make approximately 5 door-size wreaths and costs $20.00.   If you plan to harvest a large amount of boughs, a commercial permit must be purchased.

How can I be sure I am on national forest lands and in the right place?  Parcels of state, county, tribal and private lands are intermixed with national forest lands within the Superior National Forest boundary.  Cutting of Christmas trees and boughs is not allowed inside the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, plantations, recreation areas, or administrative sites. Visitor maps of the Superior National Forest which show land ownership are available for $10.00 at all Forest offices and also via internet.  Permits and maps may be obtained by mail but you must allow time for a check to travel through the mail and materials to be returned.

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