Did Someone Say Meow?

     What an incredible sight and experience this would be.  Thanks to my good friend Mickie in Utah for sharing the story and awesome photos with me.

These photos of a treed cougar, or mountain lion, were shot in the foothills near Gunnison by our school custodian, Rhon before he shot it another way. He claims its paws are 9" across. He had a ‘harvest’ permit, which means he may shoot the animal. He followed tracks to this animal, about 1/8 mile from where he parked his truck. He did not use dogs to find it, just tracks in the snow. Dogs are permitted for a harvest permit, but the dogs hadn’t arrived when he decided just to follow tracks to see how far they went.

There are also ‘pursue’ permits which means dogs may pursue an animal and tree it, then let it go. There is no limit to how many times you may pursue lions. This is a fun winter sport for some people around here. I guess it might be interesting, but I haven’t done it. I have seen plenty of lions and tracks in all seasons of the year, but my idea of a great time isn’t to see one of those boys close enough to jump on me.