Did Someone Say Hockey?

When I open my Outlook Calendar all I see is the word, “Hockey.”  Josh had hockey practice on Friday night, two games on Saturday, a game today, practice tomorrow night, a game on Tuesday, a game on Thursday and practice on Friday again. What does that mean for us? A lot of windshield time.

The good news is the roads are free of ice and snow and the driving has been relatively easy. It looks like the roads will stay pretty dry this week too. Unfortunate for the snow enthusiasts but for those of us without time to play in it this week I guess it is ok.

If you are looking for snow then the Gunflint Trail has it. According to local resorts the cross-country ski trails are in awesome shape. The lakes are good for skiing and snowshoeing in the woods isn’t too much work because the snow isn’t super deep yet. There’s plenty of ice on the lakes for ice fishing and the fish have been biting. What more could a person ask for? Certainly not more hockey.

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