Deer Hunting Success on the Gunflint Trail

     Yesterday was a good day for hunters on the Gunflint Trail.  Mike’s Dad shot a nice buck and our brother-in-law shot a doe.  Thank Goodness we have venison to make some wild rice sausage again this year.  I’m not a big fan of deer meat but when it’s made into the wild rice sausage it’s delicious.  Mike and Josh plan to make some jerky and they always save the loins for the next year’s deer camp dinner.  

gunflint trail deer hunting

     The whiskey jacks just found some stale bread that I put out for them and are making flight after flight to store it away for winter.  I imagine they will be happy with some scraps left from cleaning the deer.  The neighborhood fox should be happy too.  Our neighbor had four foxes at their house last night!

  Gunflint Trail wildlife