Dead Moose Floating in the BWCA

Ever wonder about what to do if you see a dead moose floating in the water in the BWCA? Acoording to the DNR, “Don’t go poking around on it.” It may seem like common sense but that is the advice I heard when I listened to a recent interview on our local radio station WTIP.

There have been reports of several dead moose floating on lakes in the Boundary Waters this season. There were a couple in lakes near the end of the Gunflint Trail and now there has been a report of a couple in the mid-Trail area.

What should you do if you do see a dead moose? The DNR would like it if you would take a picture and report it to the DNR. They can only get data from the moose if it is a fairly recent death but they would like to know about it nonetheless.  A photo would help them determine how long it has been dead.

Lets hope you see more live moose swimming in the BWCA and fewer dead moose floating.

boundary waters moose
Gunflint Trail Moose


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