Cooking fish at your BWCA campsite

Cooking fish in the BWCAOne thing loyal blog readers probably know about me is I don’t like to cook. This lack of love for cooking is just as prevalent at home as it is when I’m camping in the BWCA. Combine the fact I don’t like to cook with my other dislike of cleaning fish and it’s probably safe to say I’d have to be in a pretty desperate position to be found cooking fish in the Boundary Waters.

I am very lucky to have a son who loves to catch fish and a husband who willingly cleans them and loves to cook them. What’s that awful saying? There’s more than one way to skin a cat? Well, there is definitely more than one way to cook a fish! Mike has been known to fry them, grill them, put them in chowder or make poor man’s lobster out of them. No matter how he cooks it, I’ll gladly eat it.  

How about you? Today’s question for the epic giveaway is, “What is one unique way you like to cook fish at camp?”
And for those of you who don’t catch or eat fish what’s your preferred way to cook your food? Remember to post your comment on Facebook, Instagram or send us an email at Voyageur Canoe Outfitters for another chance to win.

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