Cook County Minnesota Far From Ugly

A recent “study” of the most beautiful and the ugliest counties places Cook County Minnesota at 310 out of 3111. It places Ventura County in California at #1 and Red Lake County of Minnesota dead last. A Minnesota County that is uglier than every other county in the USA? I don’t think so.

According to the USDA beautiful counties are ones that have mild winters so that explains why most of the midwest is considered ugly by their standards. “The index combines “six measures of climate, topography and water area that reflect environmental qualities most people prefer(mild, sunny winters, temperate summers, low humidity, topographic variation and access to a body of water).

I wonder where green space or recreation fit into the equation? Or population density or ugly concrete jungles?  It’s difficult to be too angry because the criterion is ludicrous.  Obviously they don’t think a place with a cold winter can be beautiful.

The good news is with studies like this people should stay away from so-called ugly counties and leave it for the rest of the people to enjoy.  Beautiful to me is more about finding places to recreate in the great outdoors, catch fish, hike trails, paddle a canoe and enjoy solitude.  Sounds like the BWCA and Cook County Minnesota. It might not be beautiful to everyone but it certainly is to me.


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