Come Celebrate Today at the New Seagull Lake Fire Hall and Community Center

All of the Gunflint Trail Volunteer Fire Department building upgrades and additions have been completed and it’s time to celebrate. Beginning at 4:00pm there will be an open house for folks to gather and then at 5:00pm dinner will be served. There will be plenty of food provided by Upper Lakes Foods including ribs, chicken and burgers and then there will be a short program.  Everyone is welcome to attend the celebration.

Mike retired from his Fire Chief position at the end of  last year(news to our daughter who found out last night) but one of his missions was to expand the fire halls on the Gunflint Trail.  Mike is an idea guy and he knew who would get the job done for the GTVFD, Michael Valentini. He asked Michael to spearhead the major project of getting all three fire halls upgraded and whatever Michael does he does well.  The projects turned out even better than anticipated and Michael Valentini is a champion. Along with him there were many other people who helped out and donated money for the project and everyone deserves a big pat on the back for a job well done.

There are three fire halls on the Gunflint Trail that the department operates out of; one at mid-trail near Poplar Lake, one at Gunflint and the one at Seagull Lake.  When we’ve had incidents such as big fires in the past we weren’t set up to handle visiting incident command teams or public meetings at our fire halls.  None of them had flush toilets or a place to prepare food and it was not convenient to operate out of them when we were evacuated from our homes.  Now if there is an incident we’ll be prepared to handle it.

We hope you will come out and celebrate today and be sure to thank Michael Valentini.

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