Colors of the Gunflint Trail

larch treesIt may be past peak fall color time on the Gunflint Trail but that doesn’t mean it isn’t colorful. There are still some leaves hanging onto the branches and the larch trees are looking especially beautiful right now.  Larches are one of about 20 conifers that are also deciduous, which means they have needles and cones. In the fall they turn from green to gorgeous golden colors and then drop their needles.

mountain ash treeThe Mountain Ash trees have lost their leaves but their berries remain. I always thought the berries were poisonous but I guess not. According to numerous websites their leaves contain cyanide and there is probably some cyanide in the berries but not enough to do harm.  While the berries are tart and don’t taste very good in the fall after a frost or later in the winter the berries taste better and better. People make the berries into wine, jams and more.

The Gunflint Trail is beautiful in every season. It’s always changing so come see for yourself.

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Gunflint Trail Fall Colors


Gunflint Trail fall colorsFall on the Gunflint Trail

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