Cold Week on the Gunflint Trail

     Just when we thought winter was over Mother Nature decided to give us a breath of chilly air.  There were actually a few flakes of snow flying around in Grand Marais this morning and evening temperatures got below freezing.  Good news for the ice fisherman in search of lake trout but bad news for those who are ready for spring.  I’m from the camp that says if the snow is gone then there’s no sense in letting the thermometer drop too low.  Unfortunately I’m not Mother Nature and like some other higher ups she doesn’t consult with me prior to making decisions.

     It would be a much simpler life for me if those in charge of things would ask me what I wanted before making any big decisions.  For instance, if the Forest Service would have asked me about clearing the trees along the end of the Gunflint Trail I would have told them what not to do. But since they didn’t they have to listen to me complain about the debris and how it needs to be gone before the Ham Run Half Marathon.  I guess they felt it was better to beg for forgiveness instead of ask for permission.  That’s the problem with being a passionate person, I have strong opinions about everything.  That’s another story for another day.

     Enjoy the cold weather, it does keep the bugs away.