Changing Places

There are times when one must change into or out of an outfit in a not very private space. I just read an article about one person who ended up in jail by exposing too much of himself in front of the wrong person.

Most public landings on the Gunflint Trail have an outhouse or adequate woods to provide privacy while urinating or changing. I encourage folks to use a private area rather than making everyone uncomfortable by changing out in the open.  Yes, I have seen butts and boobs and other dangly things but I prefer not to see them up close and personal thank you very much.

Most of the time there is a vehicle parked at the BWCA landing you can take advantage of. Strategically placing yourself between your two open doors provides a pretty good screen. Just make sure no one is in the car or on the other side of the vehicle.

The article suggested using a bath robe or having someone hold a towel. While this does work an easier way for women is to bring along a long, billowy skirt with an elastic waist.  It needs to be long enough so you can pull it up over your bust and still cover your rump. With this on you can easily change garments beneath it without giving anyone a show. You can also squat down to pee without exposing yourself too.  It cuts down on bites to the buttocks as well as embarrassment.

Do you have any good advice for those who must change in places that aren’t so private? If so, then let me know, I’m always looking for new techniques.

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