Centennial by Snowshoe

    BWCA Gunflint Trail

     Once the thermometer read above zero yesterday Mike’s cousin Sheri and I decided it was time to go for a snowshoe trek.  We didn’t want a repeat of what happened last year so we left with plenty of daylight remaining.

  Winter on the Gunflint Trail

     I hiked the Centennial Trail three times last fall so I wasn’t worried about finding the way.  I was happy to see tracks when we got there not to help us navigate but so it made the trek easier.  Breaking a trail is so much more work than following someone else’s compacted snow trail.  we had relatively easy going the entire way. 

     There are quite a few hills along the Centennial portion of the trail.  I was thankful I had brought my non-traditional metal snowshoes to wear.  I would have had quite the ride down some of the hills on my long wooden snowshoes.  The claws on the short metal shoes gave me great traction for the most part but I did have to slide down some portions on my bottom.

  Hiking on the Gunflint Trail

     Rugby is a bit of a wimp when it comes to going down steep hills or rocky ledges.  In the fall on one of the hikes he wouldn’t follow me down a portion of the trail and when I returned to pick him up he kept backing up away from me.  Chelsea said she had taken him on the trail and had to carry him down so I decided I would pick him up and carry him down the steep portions.  I can’t say he enjoyed sitting in my lap as I slid down the hill into a tree losing my snowshoe during the process but I think he preferred it to walking down on his own.

     It’s so nice to get outside in the winter time.  Even though the temperature only reached double digits for a matter of minutes yesterday I was still soaked in sweat.  You wouldn’t want to exert that much energy if you were going to stay out overnight but I knew I would be going home to a hot shower.  It was a great day for a great snowshoe trek on the Centennial Trail.

Snowshoeing the Gunflint Trail