When you live on the Gunflint Trail you really don’t need any reason to celebrate, living here is reason enough.  But you can always find more things to celebrate without even looking that far.

     Birthday celebrations are always fun especially when they involve real frosting and not that yucky fake stuff grocery stores like to use these days.  With a large Voyageur Crew it seems someone is always getting older and Chelsea is no exception as we’ll celebrate her birthday on the 16th. Grandma Darlene’s birthday is tomorrow and Smokey Bear turns 66 today.  Happy Birthday everyone!

     I’m not sure why some celebrations are birthdays and others are considered anniversaries especially when it comes to objects.  Some people say the The Split Rock Lighthouse is celebrating it’s 100th birthday this year while others say it’s the 100th Anniversary.  Either way a celebration is in order for this jewel of the northshore.

     There is always something to celebrate. Just determine what you want to celebrate each and every day.