Celebrate Independence

     Happy 4th of July Everyone!  I hope you have a safe and wonderful day celebrating with friends and family. 

     I forgot to wish my Canadian friends Happy Canada Day on the 1st of July.  In Atikokan, Ontario they celebrated by sending the Canoe the Heart Expedition on their merry way.  The group of paddlers is headed to their first stop, Fort Francis, Canada before eventually making their way to the end of the Gunflint Trail on July 13th.  You can follow their progress via their website.

     For those of you in a town with a parade and fireworks today please do me a favor.  No matter what your age is, sit as close as you can to the curb, rush to the candy and wave and smile at everyone as they pass by.  Eat some cotton candy and mini donuts for me and say some oohs and ahhhs at the fireworks as they light up the night sky.  Then say a short prayer for all of those in armed services who have served our country both past and present, during war and during peace.  And the next time you see one of these great people,  tell them thank you for serving.