Canoe Registration

In order to paddle your canoe in the state of Minnesota it must be registered.  You can register it in your own state or you can register it in the state of Minnesota.  Some states do not require registration for canoes but will still allow you to do so if you pay the fee.  A guest of ours, David Jakoby, found out it was a better deal to register it in Minnesota than in his own state of Kentucky.  He didn’t want to spend valuable vacation time in line registering his canoe so he registered it ahead of time.  This can be done through the mail and will take a couple of weeks to process.  You will need to send a check for $24.00 and the following information to:

DNR License Center
500 Lafayette Rd.
St. Paul, MN.  55155-4026

Owner’s Name and Owners DOB
copy of Drivers license
length of canoe
Model (can just put canoe)
hull ID #
and county of use (in MN.) 

Voyageur is located in Cook County.