Bye, Bye Blueberries

     I hate to say it but the blueberry picking season is over and has been for quite awhile. It seemed like it was here and gone before we knew it.  In the years since the fire we’ve been blessed with phenomenal picking everywhere in the burn area.  This year it wasn’t much to talk about and that makes people like me sad.

     I’m not sure why the blueberry picking wasn’t as good as normal.  Could it be the hot, dry spring didn’t produce enough mosquitoes to pollinate the plants? Or was it the extreme heat and not enough moisture? Maybe the longer growing season that made other plants shade out the blueberry plants?

     Whatever the reason I’m glad I have some blueberries left in my freezer from last year.  I probably only picked 4-5 gallons this year which isn’t very much.  I’m hoping next year the picking will improve and last alot longer too.