BWCA Permit System FAILURE


Boundary Waters permit
Boundary Waters Canoe Area

The Boundary Waters permit reservation system went live this morning only to crash shortly after. Anyone who reserved a permit will have their permit thrown back into the pool and will have to re-reserve their permit. The work of outfitters reserving permits for guests will also have to be re-done. It doesn’t come as a big surprise but it is a disappointment nonetheless. We’ll let you know when they attempt to go live again.

A note from the USFS

All – I spoke with the Forest Supervisor. We will reverse all internal and external transactions of course for fairness and close BWCAW reservations until further notice. A banner will show up shortly on the site. Our public affairs is speaking with media.

Again, the Forest has done everything asked of us the last 14 months. We don’t know why this happened, but we will keep you updated as we are updated. All previous tests the last few months pointed to success for today.

We are sick over it as well. A ton of work has gone into this; including working through furlough. We’ve done all we can to prepare and follow national direction.

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