Busy as Sue

     This seems to be the new saying around Voyageur, not busy as a bee or busy as a beaver, but busy as Sue.  Everyone must know I have a difficult time saying "No" so when things need to get done then I usually get asked, or volunteer before someone has to get uncomfortable and ask me.  This is just one of my many character flaws that have been pointed out.

     Today is the Gunflint Trail Volunteer Fire Department’s Appreciation Party at The Landing on Devil’s Track Lake.  This is something I wanted to do to show appreciation to all of the mutual aid departments and to the community for all of their support during the Ham Lake Fire.  The day starts at 4 pm with a Social Hour, then a dinner at 5, an awards presentation at 6, and from 7-10pm live music.  There’s also a Silent Auction with some great items and door prizes.  I’ve been busy getting donations, ordering awards, and selling tickets for the past month and today I get to relax and enjoy myself.

     Tomorrow is the Gunflint Trail Historical Society Annual Picnic at Chik-Wauk.  The community is invited to have lunch and see the work that has been done over the summer.  The stone porch is currently under construction with rocks laid out everywhere.  As a member of the board of trustees I’m helping out by bringing tables, chairs, water and lemonade for the luncheon. 

     Tuesday I will be busy too.  I love to coach kids so I volunteered again to coach Abby’s soccer team this year.  I also have a Community Center Board Meeting but I think it’s at the same time as practice?  This is a great board to be on because there are lots of opportunities with the city wanting a new library, swimming pool, hockey rink, softball fields and much more.

     Wednesday is Winter Tracks meeting day.  Plans and preparations are under way for the 4th Annual Winter Track Festival on the Gunflint Trail from February 28-March 2nd, 2008.  We’re planning the schedule of events and considering marketing opportunities to make this year’s event even better than last year.

     Thursday will be a long day.  As Vice-President of the PTA I will be attending an all-day seminar about dealing with children.  Corwin Kronenberg is speaking about Teaching Children to be Responsible during the daytime for educators and at night for the public.  It should be a great presenation.  Then Thursday evening is the last game for the women’s softball team I play on. 

     The weekend will be here again before I know it and on Tuesday the kids will start school.  I’m excited for them to be going back because maybe then I won’t be so busy.  Then again, maybe not.