Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You Do?

     This is something I have always thought would be so cool to do.  I thought it would be so neat to mount a video camera on the collar of an animal.  I always wondered what my two huskies did together when they were off of their leashes and gone for hours on end.  Biologists in Alaska wondered what brown bears did during their day and equipped four of them with video camera collars.

     They have put some of the video footage online.  The clips are interesting but only about 10 seconds in length.  They show a bear interacting with a cub, eating another bear, meeting another bear, eating a moose and more.  It’s almost too close up in most scenes if you can believe that. 

     They do have one video called, "A Day in the Life of a Bear." that is a compilation of a 24 hour period. The biologists wanted to study the impacts of hunters and how bears affect the moose population.  A very cool study indeed.  Now if only I could borrow one of those cameras for our friendly fox at Voyageur…