Boundary Waters Update

     The Forest Service sent out an email update about things happening in the Gunflint District of the Boundary Waters. I thought I would share some of the information they shared with us.

     Bear reports on the east end of Clearwater Lake and parts of Mountain Lake.  Could be the same bear or multiple.  Remember to properly hang food when not at camp and overnight.
        Portages are muddy due to frequent, heavy rains.  Expect to get wet, muddy feet.  Keep to the middle  of portage trails as much as possible and embrace the mud so that we can keep damage to trails as minimal as possible.
          When disposing of fish remains, do not walk behind your campsite to bury them.  Paddle across the lake or down the shore, well away from any campsites or portages, walk fish remains inland, away from the water and under the tree canopy.
          Consider bringing less “stuff” on your trip.  Packing light will allow you to travel efficiently and further into the Wilderness.  You will be less likely to forget any gear or trash if you are traveling as light and organized as possible.  Packing light also makes portaging easier and faster which can help reduce congestion on busy portages.
          Remember that noise travels very easily across water.  Use “inside” voices when canoeing across lakes and be mindful that others are trying to enjoy the solitude the that Wilderness has to offer.

Gunflint project updates:
        part of easternmost boardwalk on the Missing Link – Tuscarora Portage replaced and extended
        part of boardwalk on Snipe – Copper portage that blew out last summer and again this spring replaced