Boundary Waters Traditions

Is getting there half the fun of a Boundary Waters canoe trip? Maybe not, but even I have a tradition for post BWCAW canoe trips. It depends upon where we paddle, camp, enter and exit the Boundary Waters but no matter where we exit I hustle to the nearest ice cold Diet Coke from a 20 ounce bottle. If I’m getting picked up on Saganaga Lake by a tow boat sometimes the drivers have one in the boat in a cooler waiting for me to enjoy.

Most people love a cold beer after their trip and guess what! We have a treat for you this summer. If all goes as planned we’ll have Voyageur Brewing Company beer on tap in our lodge waiting for you after your trip with Voyageur Canoe Outfitters this summer.

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What are your travel traditions on your way to or from your Boundary Waters / Quetico trip?

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