Boundary Waters Fishing Trips

There are ways to improve your odds for catching fish on a Boundary Waters canoe camping trip.  I’ll share with you five sure fire ways to experience success on your BWCA canoe trip.

Make sure the Boundary Waters lake you are fishing in has the type of fish in it you are trying to catch.  There’s no bigger waste of time than jigging for walleye when you’re on a lake that doesn’t contain walleye.  The MN DNR has a listing of most of the lakes in the BWCA and what type of fish are in them.  Make sure you’re using the right technique to catch fish on the right lake.

When you’re on a Boundary Waters fishing trip make sure you bring along a good variety of lures and plenty of them.  There’s nothing more depressing than losing the hot lure and not having a replacement one in your tackle box.   You’ll no doubt lose a lure or two by getting them snagged on logs or rocks so bring along plenty of them so you don’t find yourself without the one lure that was working the best.

Before you head into the wilderness waters of the BWCA make sure you have good line on your reel.  Replace old fishing line with new 8-10 pound test and plenty of it.  Remember you’ll get snags and tangles and you want to have enough line even if you have to cut it a couple of times.

Go through the hassle of bringing along live bait.  Chances are you’ll be able to catch plenty of fish in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness without live bait but why take the chance?  You can increase your chance of catching fish by having a good variety of bait for the fish to choose from.

Lastly, spend plenty of time fishing while you’re on your Boundary Waters canoe trip.  If you’re constantly paddling from campsite to campsite then you won’t have as much time to fish.  You’ll lower your odds for catching fish if you don’t spend enough time fishing.  Plan to set up a base camp and spend the majority of your time with your line in the water.

Consider these five BWCA fishing tips when you’re planning your next Boundary Waters Canoe camping trip.  You’ll improve your odds of catching fish and of enjoying a fresh meal of fish while on your Boundary Waters fishing trip.

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