Boundary Waters Canoe Rentals

Boundary Waters canoe rental
Boundary Waters Canoeing

Selfishly we want visitors to the Boundary Waters to rent their canoes from Voyageur Canoe Outfitters. Maybe not every visitor but when they are visiting the Gunflint Trail and they are planning to enter the BWCA we would love to be a part of their canoe camping trip.

We want to rent people canoes because not only does it provide jobs for our summer crew it also makes a BWCA canoe trip easier for people to take. Why is it easier to rent a canoe from an outfitter?

  • No worries about scratching your vehicle or having a canoe fly-off of it.
  • Better gas mileage when not towing a trailer or having canoes on the roof.
  • No need to worry about canoe registration.
  • No potential for aquatic invasive species to be spread.
  • No worries about scratching your friend/brother-in-law/cousin’s canoe.
  • You’ll get the best canoe for your trip.

You may own a canoe or someone may have a canoe you can borrow for your trip. It’s nice to be able to use your own gear but is it what is best for your trip? An inflatable canoe might work OK on the neighborhood pond but may not work well in the BWCA.

Here’s an example of what I mean. Your brother-in-law has offered to lend you his canoe for your BWCA canoe trip. It’s a 30-year-old, 90-pound, Old Town canoe in mint shape named Celia. He’s never actually paddled her and he doesn’t have it registered but he’s willing to let you take it.  The trip you are planning to take involves 13 moderate portages and one monster portage of over 500 rods.  You plan to paddle with your 8-year-old daughter who can’t carry her pack but is up for an adventure. The perfect canoe for this trip would be a Kevlar canoe because you can carry it and a pack across a portage at the same time. With the borrowed canoe you’ll struggle just to get it across the portages.

It’s always nice to get things for free or to get a good deal on something. At Voyageur Canoe Outfitters we offer a good deal when we rent our canoes and we include paddles, life vests and parking for your vehicle. We can also transport canoes and gear to any of the entry points on the Gunflint Trail. We want visiting the BWCA to be easy for you so you can return again and again so do yourself a favor and consider renting your canoe from Voyageur.