Blueberry Picking on the Gunflint Trail

As soon as someone says the word “blueberries” the pickers hit the Gunflint Trail. There have been numerous vehicles parked alongside the road and on the side roads for the past couple of weeks. People are picking blueberries because they can.

I would say the blueberries are a couple of weeks from peak. Most areas have about 1/3 of the berries ripe and the bushes with more ripe ones than that still have a lot of room to grow. But I suppose if you can only get out and pick one time during the summer then it is better to pick now than not at all.

I’m just always thinking about the green berries that will get knocked off the bush or trampled by eager pickers. I guess I shouldn’t worry about it because there are so many places to pick but I’m one of those pickers who will reach and stretch and reach some more just so I don’t have to step in a new place and potentially smash a berry underfoot.

The blueberry crop appears to be much better this year than last year but if we don’t get some rain to go with this heat the 2/3 of the crop that needs to mature won’t fair as well.  So, a little rain dance, a little less intense heat and the more berries there will be for everyone.

picking blueberries on gunflint trail

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