I love my Voyageur Crew.  They are such a wonderful bunch of people and they all have a great sense of humor.  Or they at least humor me when I decide I need to tease one of them.  Since so many of the Crew have left for the season I find myself picking on Adam.

     This is Adam’s third fall at Voyageur and he’s a great guy to have around.  He arrived in the spring with a face and as in year’s past his face has become covered in fur.  Just lately it has become very apparent he has quite the beard growing.  The other morning I decided to call him, "Grizzly Adam" after the old television show.  It turns out I wasn’t very original since his mother who was visiting a week ago also called him the same thing.   

     I decided I needed to come up with a better nickname if someone had already called him Grizzly Adam.  I don’t like to not be original in my teasing so I pondered other names for him.  This year Adam along with many of the crew, have been into picking blueberries.  Since it was the official last day of summer yesterday I decided I wanted to take the kids blueberry picking and then to the beach.  Chelsea and Adam both had the afternoon off so we all ventured out to harvest some berries.

     It was out in the field of blue that I came up with not one but two new nicknames for Adam.  The first one is Madman Adam and the second one is Bluebeard.  I have never seen anyone pick berries as fast and furiously as Adam.  He is a blueberry picking machine.  In just a little over an hour he had picked 3 gallons of blueberries while Chelsea, the kids and I barely picked one all together.  Sure, he’s not a clean picker but neither am I. 

     I couldn’t believe how many blueberries were still out there ready to be picked but even more amazing was Adam’s ability to pick them.  Earlier this summer I offered the kids money for picking blueberries and barely had to pay out because of their lack of ambition and speed.  Thank Goodness I didn’t make the same deal with Adam or I would be broke!

     Next time you’re at Voyageur be sure to call Adam, "Madman Bluebeard".  I don’t think he’ll get too upset.

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