Black and Blue Friday

Just thinking about shopping on this day makes me cringe. I have a hard time in the Duluth mall on a Saturday with all of the people so I can’t imagine how I would be on Black Friday. I guess it would depend upon my patience level on that particular day but I can imagine if my patience was running low it could end up being a black and blue Friday.

Let’s just say after living at the end of the Gunflint Trail for 20 years I have less tolerance for crowds, traffic and unkind people.  We can drive 56 miles with just 2 stop signs and one traffic light.  A bad parking spot for us is one that isn’t right in front of the door, maybe 20 feet from the door and at most during a busy time of the year still within a couple of blocks and it’s free.  If you go to a big event and have to leave the parking lot and wait for the whole lot to clear out before you can go then the most you would wait would be 6 minutes.  I guess you could say we are very spoiled.

Traffic jams in our neck of the woods are quite tolerable. Most of the time it’s moose in the road that causes a traffic jam. If it isn’t moose then it could be a couple of vehicles where the owners are busy visiting with each other. Chances are when you pull up you know who they are and join in the conversation.  Horns aren’t used to say “Get out of my Way” they are used to say “HELLO!”.  If I get honked at in a city then my first instinct is to wave because I must know them if they are honking at me.

Our bodies are set to a slower pace and mixed with the Minnesota Nice personalities I doubt I would end up getting any of the “deals” offered on Black Friday.  Either that or like the title suggests, it would end up being a Black and Blue Friday.

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