Becoming a Boundary Waters Family

     For us it just kind of happened.  First we bought Voyageur, then we had kids and then we became a Boundary Waters Family.  We’ve been helping families enjoy the canoe country ever since we bought Voyageur in 1993.  Now we have kids of our own and we have experimented with different types of trips, canoes and tricks to make our family trips even better.  Paddling as a family has been relatively easy for us and we can make it easy for your family too. 


   We’re always available at Voyageur to help you plan the trip of a lifetime.   We offer great rates for children so you can afford to get them out into the woods at a young age.  There is not a perfect age for introducing children to the Boundary Waters so don’t wait, do it now.  Kids of all ages enjoy paddling and camping in the wilderness and we can help you plan a trip that will be a hit with your entire family.  Don’t worry about the details, leave those to us.

     We along with the Gunflint Trail Association Canoe Outfitters are offering a special program this summer so your family can Become a Boundary Waters Canoe Family.  There will be seminars and classes available beginning June 16-July 14th.  If you have always dreamed of taking a BWCA canoe trip then please come up the Gunflint Trail and attend some of the great classes we have prepared with your family in mind.

     There are all types of classes planned to help your family become a Boundary Waters Family.  What to wear, tips on paddling, who’s poo is that are just a few of the classes that will be held at various resorts and outfitters on the Gunflint Trail.  At Voyageur we’ll be focusing on fishing and the added joy it can bring to a canoe trip.  Be sure to give us a call and plan to visit us during this special time.  1-888-CANOEIT. 

     We would love to see you at Voyageur and we even have lodging available.  We’ve introduced many families to the Boundary Waters and are even more excited to teach your family how to Become a Boundary Waters Family.  We hope to see you and your family here between June 16-July 14th or any other time you are ready to become a Boundary Waters Family.