Base Camping in the Boundary Waters

      Hauling hammocks, camp chairs and tables across BWCA portages isn’t something I like to do even though I love to have them when I’m camping. I like the comfort they offer and a tent you can stand up in is pure luxury.  It seems the older I get the more comfort I crave and the only way to satisfy that craving is to do a base camp canoe trip.

     There are quite a few different Boundary Waters entry points to choose from for a base camp trip where you don’t have to portage.  Saganaga is probably my first choice because I can use a boat and motor or have a towboat haul out some of my gear.  This allows maximum comfort including a cooler with ice and cots!

     Seagull Lake base camp is a close second choice for setting up a base camp.  I love all of the different day trip options there are to choose from.  I like to hike the portage into Grandpa or J.A.P. or get a line wet in Alpine or Rog. 

     East Bearskin Lake and Brule Lake entry points into the BWCA provide nice options for setting up a base camp as do a few of the lakes just outside of the Boundary Waters. Gunflint Lake, Poplar Lake, Birch Lake and Bearskin have wilderness type campsites that do not require a portage to get to or a permit to camp in.  Three entry points into the BWCA where you can park your vehicle and then portage into a campsite are Morgan, Ram and Bower Trout Lakes. 

     If you’re looking for comfort, don’t want to travel alot or are short on time then check out these base camping in the BWCA favorites of mine.