Back to Reality

     Five-thirty is going to come too early tomorrow morning after having been able to sleep in over the kid’s Christmas break.  Somehow I imagine we will adjust and I’m hopeful Josh will make it through the day without a game of Wii.  I’m not so sure I will be able to make it but luckily the Wii stays home and that’s where I’ll be.

     I have to admit I wasn’t excited about getting a Wii last year but it’s been a fun toy to have.  Santa brought Dance, Dance Revolution to our house this year and I’m not sure who likes it more, me, Abby or Josh? It’s even more fun than Just Dance which we really enjoy.  It’s fun to be able to get a workout while playing with the kids.

     Tomorrow I hope to take the workout outside and go for a cross-country ski. The groomer is back and the trails look absolutely fabulous.  I better get some skiing in this week before I make the 8 mile journey into the Yurt and 12 mile journey out of it this coming weekend.

     I need to start checking some ski trails off of my Volks Ski list.  There are over 400 kilometers of cross-country ski trails in Cook County and theVolks Ski challenges folks to try and see how many of the kilometers they can complete in a season.  While I’m not going to attempt to ski all 400 I might try to complete 200 kilometers of the different trails.   

     On February 12th we’ll try to cover every inch of the 430 kilometers of trails in the County.  People will sign up for different portions of different trails in the hopes to complete all in the same day.  If you like to ski then come on up and be a part of it. 

     Hope all of you have a wonderful first week of the New Year!