Baby Moose Crossing on the Gunflint Trail

     If you’ve driven the Gunflint Trail recently then you’ve noticed new moose signs in the area of Swamper Lake.  These moose crossing signs have the word "baby" beneath them alerting visitors to the presence of a popular set of twins. Perhaps it’s time to get new signs made with moose calves on them?  

     In spite of the fact visitors are still enjoying our abundant moose population on the Gunflint Trail the population is in a steep decline and researchers aren’t much closer to figuring out why.  The good news is they at least agree wolves are killing a large number of moose each year. They are also admitting collaring the moose has killed moose too, almost half of the calves collared this spring have died already.  I just hope the death of the collared moose will help researchers determine what is happening to the moose and what can be done to prevent it.

     In the meantime be sure to slow down around the Swamper Lake curves and always keep an eye out for moose on the Gunflint Trail. If you see a car stopped in the middle of a driving lane with the doors open an alien abduction did not occur. It’s just some "tourist" taking pictures of a moose on the side of the road. Please try to avoid the two-legged wildlife in their pursuit of a photo as well. 

Swamper moose calves

Thank you Laura Popkes for the great photo!