Are You Busy This Week?

     Everyone likes to say how busy they are.  For some folks it means they can’t sit down for their favorite 3 hours of television programming in the evening and for others it means they don’t have time to sit on the toilet.  Most of the time I can be described as the latter.  It’s no one else’s fault but my own, well maybe my parents since most kids blame their parents for everything.  I know one of these days I will learn to slow down and say "No", I’m just not sure when that day will come.  Probably the same day folks are sitting around a funeral home waiting for the Windsor and Crab Legs to be served.

Projects for Week of February 9th,  2010-


Chelsea is on vacation from February 9-14th– answer phone, check email, reservations, call backs, reserve permits, etc.

Need to finalize Ham Run flyer to be distributed via upcoming races…



Tuesday February 9th, 2010

PTA Scholastic Book Fair (February 9 & 11)

PTA help with Special Lunch Day (February 9th)  11am

Conferences 4 & 4:15pm

Volunteering at Book Fair 2:30-6:30

GTVFD Fire Training 6-10pm

Hockey practice 5:30-6:30


Community Center Project surveys due on February 9th (info from ECFE, PTA, Girl Scouts, Ham Radio Club, Arrowhead Electric, Upper Shore Center for Fitness, County EMS)


Wednesday, February 10th

Kid’s have half day of school(what to do rest of day?)



Thursday, February 11th

Girl Scouts for Abby 3:30-5pm

Hockey 5:30-6:30

Meeting at 7pm

Find volunteers for book fair or work 2:30-6:30


Friday, February 12th

Find volunteers to tear down book fair or do it myself

Mr. Davis’ 3rd Grade Valentine’s Party planned, bake treats and be in charge of 1:15-3pm

Mike’s family and my family coming up weekend of February 12th