Aquarid Media Shower

The moon will be almost full for the peak of the Aquarid Meteor Shower but hopefully it won’t make a difference. Be sure to look to the sky!

Space Weather News for May 2, 2017

METEORS FROM HALLEY’S COMET: A radar in Canada has detected radio echoes coming from the constellation Aquarius. This is a sign that the annual eta Aquarid meteor shower is underway. In the days ahead ahead our planet will cross a network of debris streams from Halley’s Comet, producing a drizzle of eta Aquarids numbering 10 to 30 meteors per hour in the northern hemisphere and perhaps twice that number in the southern hemisphere. Usually, the eta Aquarid shower peaks around May 6th. This year, there might be an additional enhancement on May 4th or 5th.  Check today’s edition of for more information and observing tips.

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