Another Successful Gunflint Trail Canoe Race

     One thing is for certain about the folks on the Gunflint Trail, they really know how to throw a party!  The Race volunteers did an amazing job collecting raffle prizes, selling tickets, preparing food, setting up tents, organizing the event and ensuring the safety of all of the canoe racers for the Annual GTVFD Fundraiser on GunflintLake.

     The only thing the Gunflint Trail folks can’t seem to do is to control Mother Nature.  She consistently likes to test paddlers by throwing bolts of lightning down and whipping up the wind from all directions.  Unfortunately she made some participants unhappy because conditions wouldn’t allow the broken paddle races or the famous gunwale pumping races to happen last night. 

     There were some disappointed Voyageur Canoe Outfitter Crew last night but we’ll have our own races today just to satisfy the needs of our racers.  In spite of the shortened races last night we’re confident Voyageur took home the trophy for yet another year.  There’s something to be said for power in numbers and we certainly have the numbers.

     It helps to have people participating in all age groups.  I don’t know how we’ll fare when Abby, Josh, Nick, Austin, Claire and Alex are no longer children for the 10-16 races or adult child races but we’re sure well represented now.  I’ll have to share the results another day since I don’t have them but I do know there were lots of medals around the necks of the Voyageur Crew and smiles on their faces.


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